Types of Multi-Bet

In betting, a multi-bet is a combination of several selections. Each selection is called a leg, and the odds increase with each additional leg. The minimum number of legs is two. However, there are variations between bookmakers. Choosing the best odds is essential for a multi-bet to be successful.

Multi-bets are also available in exotic betting formats. They allow you to bet on several races at once. These bets include accumulators, multis, and flexi bets. The latter are more flexible and allow you to bet as much or as little as you want.

The types of multi-bets vary depending on their complexity. In simple terms, doubles and trebles are the easiest multi-bets to understand and place. Accumulators, on the other hand, combine multiple selections in a single bet slip. If you place an accumulator, all your selections must win to win the multi-bet.

Another type of multi-bet is the triple bet. This involves placing two or three bets that depend on each other. It can also include three or four selections. A triple bet is riskier, but offers higher returns. For example, if your first bet loses, the third one is a winner.

A treble bet is similar to a tricast, but involves placing two different bets on two different occasions. A bettor places a wager on team A in soccer and a soccer team in a different game. Then, he or she stakes the winnings from the first bet on team A in the second match.