The Basics of First Four Bet

A First Four bet is one of the most difficult wagers to win at horse racing. This bet requires predicting the order in which the top four finishers will cross the finish line. While the stakes can be small, the profits are often enormous. The first four is a good option for those who like to collect big dividends.

A first four bet is also known as a superfecta in the US and Australia. The idea is to choose the first four horses to cross the finish line in order. It is one of the most popular bets in horse racing and is popular in many countries. You can also place a box bet, where you pick four horses that finish in any order.

A first four bet has two basic types: the stand-out first four and the multiple first four. A stand-out first four is a bet on the winner of the race. It pays out whether the first four runners finish first, second, or third. A multiple first four, on the other hand, pays out if all four placegetters finish first, second, or third.

First four wagers are the simplest wagers. They are simple to understand and involve a high degree of luck and skill. These bets tend to pay out well in races with small field sizes. They are also best placed in races with high certainty. Some races have as few as four or five runners.