Sandra Eades

Professor Eades is Domain Head Aboriginal Health and Disadvantaged Communities at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute with key expertise in Indigenous child and adolescent health, Indigenous tobacco use and intervention studies in Indigenous health. The Aboriginal Health Domain incorporates a national program of research and related activities with hubs in Melbourne, Alice Springs and Sydney.  Professor Eades is a medical epidemiologist and completed her undergraduate medical training at the University of Newcastle and her PhD in epidemiology at the Institute for Child Health Research, Perth.  Professor Eades’ PhD examined causal pathways to poor birth outcomes and significant illness in the first year of life among urban Aboriginal infants. 

Her NHMRC research program follows on from this early work and includes work on smoking in Indigenous communities including a randomized controlled trial of a culturally specific smoking intervention for pregnant Indigenous women. She is leading a current NHMRC RCT to test the effectiveness of a systems based collaborative to improve treatment for type 2 diabetes in Indigenous community controlled health services in 18 Aboriginal Community Controlled Primary Health Care Services in WA, NT, SA and Victoria.  Professor Eades helped establish a major cohort study that examines various influences on the health of NSW urban Aboriginal children (SEARCH study). 

More recently she has NHMRC funding [2015-2019] to establish a major study of the health of Aboriginal adolescents and young people aged 10 to 24 years old with multidisciplinary research partners and communities in WA, the NT and NSW.  Professor Eades is actively engaged in Capacity Building in the area of Indigenous health having previously led a NHMRC Capacity Building that supported the training of 5 Indigenous researchers and 6 non-Indigenous researchers involved in programs related to Indigenous health.  Professor Eades currently supervises postdoctoral and doctoral researchers in Aboriginal health.