Glenn Pearson

Mr Glenn Pearson is the Head of Aboriginal Research and also leads the Kulunga Aboriginal Research Development Unit (KARDU) at the Telethon Kids Institute located in Perth, Western Australia and is a member of the Institute Leadership Team. Glenn has a state-wide mandate to ensure that the Institute's research reflects the needs of Aboriginal families and that research is conducted in accord with Aboriginal community ethical and cultural protocols as well as building the skills of researchers in Aboriginal health research. A trained primary school teacher, he has 15 years of experience in senior positions within the Australian and State Governments in a range of areas including health, education and child protection including almost 10 years with the now, Department of Child Protection and Family Support. From this he has developed an extensive network and relationships that underpin his work.  He is also completing a Doctorate at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and his doctorate research project has explored delivery of child protection, child health and educational services to Aboriginal families in the Perth Metropolitan and Geraldton Regions.