Dr Aveni Haynes

Dr Haynes is a Research Fellow at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, primarily investigating the epidemiology of childhood diabetes in Western Australia. Her key research interests include the aetiology and pathophysiology of childhood diabetes and its complications.  In addition, Dr Haynes has a keen interest in the developmental origins of health and disease and understanding how factors during pregnancy and early life influence inflammation and/or immune system development and the risk of diabetes in later life.

Dr Haynes qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Cambridge, England, and worked in a range of clinical specialties prior to commencing her career in epidemiological research, being awarded a PhD in 2013. In her post-doctoral career, Dr Haynes continues to focus on childhood diabetes, with increasing focus on the growing burden of youth onset type 2 diabetes.  Her participation in national and international collaborations has facilitated the development of diverse studies related to diabetes and its complications including investigations into risks for severe hypoglycaemia, studies relating to mode of delivery and the infant gut microbiome, risk factor trajectories for longer term complications of diabetes, and broader public health issues including food security and social disadvantage.

Visit www.researchgate.net/profile/Aveni_Haynes2 for more information.