Professor Assam El-Osta

Dr El-Osta is an epigeneticist and his research is recognized at the highest international level. He is a Professor of Medicine at Monash University and has contributed more than 175 articles and publishes research that is highly influential in the field of transcription and chromatin biology. In recognition of his research into epigenetics he was awarded AMGEN Australian Medical Researcher of the Year in 2006 by the ASMR Australian Society for Medical Research. He is vice-president of the International Epigenetics Society and serve as guest editor and solicited to contribute authoritative reviews for prominent journals that include ARS, CMLS, Molecular Aspects of Medicine and Circulation Research. He is a visiting Professor in epigenetics at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong as well as honorary international lecturer with Metropol University (Denmark). In 2009 he was awarded the Millennium Type 1 Diabetes Research Award by the Diabetes Australia Research Trust and received the inaugural Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation & Macquarie Group Foundation for diabetes research innovation, in recognition excellence and innovation in medical research. His research is influential and reflected by international invitations that include keynote and plenary lectures. He is frequently invited to speak at major international meetings that include keynote and opening lectures and over the past 5 years have presented at local and national meetings on 13 occasions and presented on 63 occasions at international meetings including 12 Plenary/Keynote lectures. He is an International Organizer for the Gordon Research Conference, Epigenomics of Diabetes and other Metabolic Diseases, Hong Kong SAR scheduled for 2018. He is a primary and associate supervisor to 33 students (20 Ph.D., 4 MSc, 3 Hons) and 6 completed international trainees.