How Much Does First Four Betting Cost?

A First Four wager requires the punter to select the first four finishers in a horse race. Depending on the method used, the wager can cost up to $1, $24, or $360. The cheapest type of First Four bet is the Straight First Four, which requires the punter to select one horse for each of the first four places. Another type of First Four bet is the Boxed First Four, which allows the horses to finish in any order. In addition, this type of bet costs up to $24 due to the expanded number of possible combinations.

A Flexi First Four is another option that allows punters to take a percentage of a full dividend. It allows punters to select as many horses as they want while keeping their budget in mind. The Flexi percentage is the fraction of the stake that is compared to the cost per full dividend. If a runner is scratched, the wager is recalculated.

The first four bet is the most difficult to win, but the prize money is huge. Whether it’s the big collect or a big prize, the First Four is the ultimate wager. However, while this type of bet is very lucrative, most punters prefer to opt for a large collect instead of a small chance of a big win.