First Four Betting Tips

A First Four wager is the ultimate bet on the TAB, and it’s also the most challenging to win. Since you only have to be correct in one event, it’s not very common for a punter to win a First Four. However, if you’re able to do so, you can make a tidy payday.

To win a First Four bet, you must choose the first four finishers in order. A First Four wager is similar to a supercharged trifecta, but it pays out more often than you might think. The main advantage of this wager is that it pays out a big dividend most of the time. The downside is that there’s a small chance of collecting, but a clever punter can still get lucky and win big.

A First Four bet is not the most profitable bet to make if there’s less than 10 horses in the race. In fact, the majority of punters don’t place bets on first-four horses, which are usually the longest odds. If you want to win, you should aim for horses with tote odds of $3.00 or more.

The First Four bet is the most difficult bet to win in horse racing, but it can yield a huge return. Just remember that you have to bet the first four horses in the right order to win, and the amount of money you bet must be at least $100,000.