First Four Betting on an Online Site

When betting on horseracing, First Four Betting is a great way to increase your return on bets. While this betting option is slightly more expensive than straight first fours, the potential win rate is much higher. In addition, boxed first fours offer a higher payout, with a minimum bet of $24 for a boxed first four.

First Four Betting involves choosing the first four finishers in order. The most difficult part of this wager is predicting which runners will finish in the same order. Fortunately, the payout for First Four wagers is almost always profitable. In addition to the First Four bet, you can also choose to bet on the runners that place first, second, and third.

If you’d like to make money on horses racing, you may want to try your hand at First Four Betting on an online site. First four odds are posted on a website, and you can use them to find a good price. For example, the Islanders are 3.5 points underdogs against the Tigers, so you can get a good price on this game.

When placing a wager, remember to select your horse from the list. It is important to choose the horse in the correct order, otherwise you’ll end up losing money. You can also choose to place a box bet if you don’t want to have to figure out the order of finish. This method is also popular with many punters.